fredag 9 mars 2012


I have been absolutely terrible at updating this blog lately, because of studies and Metroid Prime.
But I have some news:

The draft for chapter 1 of It's Complicated is now finished, and I'll start on the actual drawings in a few days.

An Apple a Day now has the big buffer I promised myself I'd make for it before I starting to post. Unfortunately, I've used up nearly all of my researched materials for it already, and I want to at least have another batch of jokes before I get it online. I'm currently looking into the possibility of making my own website for it for now, but it's likely the comic will start out as a tumblr blog before I have things figured out. It will probably be at least another week before I start posting.

And lastly, I have finished two chapter drafts for the story I've been writing. It's going slow, but it's getting there, and I figure I'm about 10% done with the first draft. This is my least priority, however, and it's going to take a lot longer than my comic projects.

That's it for today! Just showing that I'm alive and being somewhat productive.

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